Rail & Energy Transition

American Solar Rail (ASR) is a solar-powered train capable of high-speed operation aiming to optimize America’s 20th century railroads with 21st century technologies. The ASR train can operate at a true 125 mph to 200 mph (average equivalent). The system uses a patented battery powered rail car that uses solar energy to charge itself at recharges the locomotive and exchanges passengers during transit

The Three


There are three areas that will create ASR’s winning formula — one that will separate us from other current methodologies. We intend to build a Continuous Railway System  using a new rail car, we call the EMDI, that makes all current models obsolete. We focused on the following areas that make a railroad efficient and effective:


The primary energy for ASR propulsion will be solar energy. The connection of our fields of solar energy directly to recharging the batteries of the EMDI while in the depot for delivery to the train along with the passengers changes our financial, operational and energy efficiency dramatically. By the EMDI’s ability to deliver electrons to the locomotive on a continuous basis we achieve the first practical Continuous Railway System (CRS). Further, the EMDI’s ability to push a diesel electric locomotiove that is pulling a train, it can constantly reduce the consumption of diesel locomotive, thereby expanding the range of conventional trains while lowering emissions. The new generations of batteries in the EMDI in all electric locomotives increases the efficiency and distance ~3X over diesel-electric. There is no known way for the advantage of electricity over diesel for turning steel wheels to be overcome. Now that high-capacity storage systems can be stationary or mobile with ASR’s trains, solar energy’s advantage is secure. Sufficient backup by NG/H2 combustion turbines (CTs) will guarantee operations regardless of weather.


By creating a secure method for passengers or freight to access or egress a train in motion, the EMDI has a dramatic impact on preserving the average speed of the train by not stopping. This enables ASR’s ability to expand passenger access by increasing the station stops and increasing the number of trains on the tracks. Over time ASR can have more high-speed rail traffic on the tracks delivering more passengers/freight at more stations more often. The only alternative of a train system that stops for passengers is to increase its top speed, by nearly 30%. Hence rail construction, operational and energy costs are significantly more in order to maintain the same average speed than ASRs. ASR’s efficiency significantly improves ASR’s trains already very high performance.


Financial efficiency is perhaps the area with the most profound impact. When just the gains from the operational and energy efficiencies accrue to the profit/loss statements, it will be impressive. ASR’s decision to own solar energy for operations is profound. By owning its energy, solar becomes an income producing asset, not a cash liability of 20% – 40% of total revenues paid for diesel. ASR then gains the efficiency of electricity directly to the traction motors to produce work. We book both performance advantages. Lastly, the Levelized cost of solar electricity (LCOE) remains flat at ~5¢/kWh for decades creating additional sales of carbon free electricity. By producing its own energy, ASR separates itself from other American railroads. Computer models show that using this formula, ASR’s Operating Ratio will be among the best in the railroad industry

ASR is way past selling an idea. We are gaining traction for what we see as a national template, a blueprint of a continuous rail network, powered by own renewable energy and able to achieve operational performance previously unavailable. We want to ensure that America’s next railroad goes forward serving all needs.

In less than 3 years the EMDI should be certified and becoming available for delivery and operations. All other equipment is immediately available. With a competitive advantage created by a patent, ASR can roll out its services on any existing tracks or deliver EMDI’s to other operating railroads worldwide.



– Founder, Innovator Entrepreneur

Project development experience– Robert has led the development of 13 patents; invented innovative technologies; founded, developed and sold multiple companies; secured funding from the US government and won various national awards.

WITTEN TECHNOLOGIES, Inc (WTI) – In 1996, following 15 years as a general and utility contractor, Robert Green built a career in technology development. Green first founded Witten Technologies, Inc. (WTI) where he served as CEO/Chairman for 10 years.

The company invented and developed Radar Tomography (RT) creating the first high-resolution underground imagery to capture survey-quality precision.

By 2001, Green led a staff of former Schlumberger geophysicists working with Witten and electrical engineers to create prototypes for the first commercial radar-based geophysical photogrammetric camera capable of implementing the proprietary RT software. In the process, 13 patents were developed by Green and his staff. WTI, with the Electric Power and Research Institute (EPRI) created the equipment to enable the visual imagery of buried utilities and related items with much greater accuracy for the first time in history.


$1M Grant to WTI from US Department of Transportation, Office of Research and Development, in partnership with Consolidated Edison R&D, award to integrate RT with its new technology, Arrayed Induction Tomography.

Innovation In Construction NOVA Award to WTI Construction Innovation Forum (CIF) at the University of Michigan recognizes WTI.


$1M Grant to WTI from US Department of Transportation, Office of Research and Development, in partnership with Consolidated Edison R&D, award to integrate RT with its new technology, Arrayed Induction Tomography.

Innovation In Construction NOVA Award to WTI Construction Innovation Forum (CIF) at the University of Michigan recognizes WTI.

Innovation of the Year Award for Software to WTI and Robert Green. The Wall Street Journal recognizes RT as a commercially viable method to see underground. The WSJ cites RT as the fifth most important innovation worldwide.

Governor’s New Product Award to WTI and Robert Green. The Florida Engineering Society recognizes RT. Subsequently the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) cites the importance of this technology and adopts RT as a “strategic objective.”

The Map Network, Inc. Green was founding Investor and mentor generating a 10-fold return on investment. The company solved data mining techniques that placed commercial data/information on GPS/cell phones digital map application. Sold to Navteq 2007.

US National Park Service (NPS) contracted WTI to use RT to scan the underground of the White House prior to having a new underground irrigation system built.
Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) RT is credited as the first commercially practical geophysical photogrammetric camera and is adopted FDOT as a recommended practice in its 2008 Plans Preparation Manual.
2009 – 2019
Greenavations Power Green established a company to build and develop solar arrays in Georgia and Maryland. Green’s first three solar farms were the largest in Georgia at the time. EPA District 4 then requested Green’s financial and technical expertise to help launch solar construction projects, resulting in Green constructing solar arrays for four wastewater treatment plants for cities in Georgia.
2018 – 2023
Florida Solar Utilities Green founded company to develop solar services for wastewater treatment plants in Florida. The Quincy, FL plant was engineered and constructed so that 100 % of the cost of electricity has been offset for the next 30 years.
Maryland state-funded pilot project for first “Zero Net Energy” solar community at Perry Point, MD. Green was selected by the state and completed the successful development, engineering, buildout and execution of the Net- Zero project.
American Solar Rail, LLC (ASR) Green founded ASR to solve problems preventing mass adoption of high-speed rail.
Patent for Rechargeable Propulsion System – Green is awarded patent for a rechargeable propulsion system for a new rail car, the EMDI. The EMDI’s unique recharging enables a battery driven passenger/freight train to operate as a Continuous Railway System – a goal of the rail industry for more than 150 years. MxVRail has urged certification of EMDI by the Federal Railroad Admin (FRA) – the purpose of this investment. 


Conclusion: Embarking on a Journey of Sustainable Innovation

American Solar Rail is not just revolutionizing the concept of solar powered trains; it is leading the charge in sustainable transportation. With its innovative approach to high-speed rail funding and technology, ASR sets new standards in the High Speed train United States sector.

American Solar Rail is a beacon of progress and efficiency as we embrace renewable energy in transportation. Join us in this journey towards a sustainable future. Embrace the revolution of solar powered trains and be a part of the change.

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